Vegan Street Fair 2017

Getting ready for Vegan Street Fair! 

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Where do I begin about Vegan Street Fair?  20,000 people, 100’s of vendors and a whole lot of REALLY GOOD food happened yesterday at Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles.  We went to the original Vegan Street Fair two years ago, but the huge turnout and ticket process made it difficult. This year, it was MASSIVE and had no tickets, YAY! If you didn’t make it this year , I hate to break it to you but you missed out. We arrived a little after 10:30am and found a close parking spot. We started strolling our way in and found to our surprise that some vendors were already up and cooking. Earlier in the morning we had marked down all of the vendors that we wanted to visit and where the booth was located ( THANK YOU Vegan Street Fair for making menus and locations available before the event!!). A few of ours were not open yet so we kept on strolling…. Our first stop was A Dirty Cookie! We had a double chocolate, vanilla almond milk filled, cookie shot. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, I don’t know what is. It did NOT disappoint !

Next up, we strolled on over to Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen  where we got to meet Yvonne herself!  I am OBSESSED with Yvonne’s Cranberry and Dill Cheese. It is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I also had her Chocolate Covered Donut for the first time, which is baked –  and again can say it’s my new favorite vegan dessert. I really don’t know how she does it! She had the best sweet treats of the day!

Now here comes my favorite of the day. The NEW Cruciferous that’s coming to Los Angeles soon! Their General Tso’s Brussel Sprouts has got to be one of the most amazing plant based dishes I have ever had (which is huge because  I’ve eaten A LOT)! I can’t wait to try them out soon!  

We made several stops along the way. Here are a few more!


                Pies By Dominic !                                      

 The Raw Juicery

 AB Sorbet

  A Savory Twist

            Brandon meeting Robert Cheeke, the creator of Vegan Body Building- I Wonder where he get’s his protein from ? 

 We ended our day with Mac and Cheese Bites from the new Word of Mouth Truck Truck and their Fried “Chickun” Sandwich ! Mac and cheese bites were soooo good! 

After Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles we decided to go for a walk to burn off all that delicious food we ate and go hang out at the park.

Built By Plants Shop

We brought along our new picnic blanket tote that some of our new friends at my stroller strides class told us about! It was perfect and so easy to use. You can find one here  Picnic Blanket Tote .


Normally as a plant based mommy, I stick to vegetables,fruits and whole foods but Vegan Street Fair only happens once a year! If you missed out or live on the East Coast, Vegan Street Fair will be debuting in New York this year for the FIRST TIME EVER on June 10. There is also Vegan Street Fair Nights at The Federal Bar on September 1-2 in North Hollywood!

Hope to see you at Vegan Street Fair next year!


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    1. It was fun but theres always vegan street fair nights! There is also Eat Drink Vegan that is in May at the Rose Bowl it is fun to ! You should go <3

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