How I told my husband I was Pregnant!


How I told my husband I was pregnant?! Wow, I can’t believe it has been almost a year! Keaton has been here for 3 months now and to say that now my life is better than ever – is an understatement.

It was a Wednesday when I found out I was pregnant. Physical symptoms were non-existent and never in my life would I expect a pregnancy test to come back positive. I took it merely just try it and see what it would say (expecting a negative sign of course). I was working at a convention in Anaheim later that afternoon and had a plan to meet up with Brandon on Friday at Stagecoach. I took the test that morning and to my surprise it came back positive! I remember pacing around the house thinking what is going on? I then took another test and that came back positive too!! I decided that I needed a few more tests so I walked about a mile with my dog to our local Walgreens. I have literally no idea why I didn’t drive as it would have been much faster than to walk a mile there and a mile back. I bought 3 other brands and I remember telling the checkout clerk that I had already taken a few,  and he said that I probably didn’t need to buy anymore. I got home and as you probably can already figure out the other tests were positive too. I ended up calling a doctor’s office that I am close with and the nurses fit me in the schedule for an hour later. Once I got to the doctor’s office, they told me to pee on another stick and confirmed that YES I REALLY AM PREGNANT (as if the other 5-6 tests were wrong?)! I honestly still can’t believe it and our beautiful baby boy is already here! 

To continue with my story, after my doctor’s appointment I had to rush to get to my haircut before I drive down to Anaheim for work.  My hairstylist was the first person outside of the doctor’s office who I had seen and spoken to, so guess what I ended up telling him ? I was pregnant! I guess you can really tell your hairstylist anything. After my haircut, I drove down to Anaheim and met one of my close friends who also works for my company. I was able to tell her that I was pregnant before we went to work and told her that I wanted to do something big and special for Brandon. We came up with the idea of making a shirt that I could wear to Stagecoach and then surprise him at the country music festival in front of the Ferris wheel. We went to target and made the shirt that night. It said Stagecoach Baby on it with an X and Y chromosome in the middle.

Those two nights away from Brandon and having this huge secret left me to not sleep at ALL. I was awake the whole time and all I remember thinking was how hungry I was and how it must be from the pregnancy. I think most of it was made up in my mind though because I was only a few weeks pregnant and had no symptoms.

It seemed like the hours driving from Anaheim to Indio were incredibly slow. When I met Brandon at Stagecoach I was so excited to tell him! My girlfriends were in on the plan and were going to be our photographers for the main event!  Once I met Brandon in person, I had to be very careful with hiding my shirt and pregnancy test the doctor gave me (yes I brought it with me because I knew he wouldn’t believe me otherwise). Thankfully I had brought a jean button up shirt that I used to conceal the surprise. We met some of my girlfriends before the concert and I told everyone that I wouldn’t mind driving to the event. Brandon questioned me on this as we usually take the bus. I told him that I didn’t mind driving and that I didn’t really want to drink that night as I had been working at the convention for the last few days. Surprisingly he didn’t really question it that much and just went with the flow. It was so fun being around my girlfriends because we all knew something Brandon didn’t. We knew that I was pregnant and he had no clue. Driving to Stagecoach was one of the most exciting drives I have even driven! Once we parked at Stagecoach, time became extremely slow. We couldn’t walk fast enough to get in front of the Ferris wheel. Once we got there, we took some pictures together with my jean shirt buttoned up. Brandon still had no clue what was coming. I then said I wanted to fix my shirt and that the picture would look better unbuttoned. Brandon of course paid no mind to this it’s normal we take 100 pictures of the same shot. Once my shirt was unbuttoned we took a few more pictures until my girlfriend yelled out “Trisha’s Pregnant” and I flashed him my shirt. The rest of the story can be seen in the photos <3

Having this huge secret and being able to tell my husband in such a fun way is something I will never forget. The best part is having it all on film and having photos of it that we will be able to eventually show our babies some day. I feel so thankful for this day and every day since then now having my little baby. I better start planning on how I will surprise him the next time around because trying to top this will be almost impossible!

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  1. What a great story and such a fun way to share it with your hubby. I feel like saying congratulations after reading it, even though your a full blown mama now

  2. How exciting! Congrats! I had a long journey to getting pregnant and know how special that positive test is. Enjoy your little boy…I have 2 boys of my own, ages 6 and 9 months.

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