Home Birth VS Hospital Birth- What’s the difference?

Home birth vs hospital birth – what are the differences? When you first find out you’re pregnant, one of the first thoughts that probably enters your mind is to see an OBGYN. Why is this? Because it’s the norm? There is a lesser known another option with several names – Midwifery, natural Out-of-Hospital Birth, or using a Midwife for an At-Home-Birth, that may be more suited for the birth that you want. So, what is a midwife and what can she do? Midwives specialize in low-risk, normal pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. Midwives believe in birthing naturally either at your home or a birth center. By using a midwife, you have more of a hands on approach to your pregnancy and delivery and are not subjected to many procedures that you may not need during your pregnancy. When you use a midwife, you are much less likely to use pain medication and your risk of C-Section is statistically reduced. With midwifery care, you are less likely to have complications or have the need for medical interventions, such as Pitocin to speed your labor along. You are given the time to let your body go through the process of delivering a happy and healthy baby!

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Placenta Encapsulation-Why did I eat THAT!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone had a great St Patrick’s day !  We went to bed at 8:30pm and work up around 4:30am. You know what that means? We got 8 glorious hours of sleep for the 3rd time! We have figured out that Keaton likes to have a routine. We play with him, bathe him, give him his last feeding, wrap him in his miracle swaddle,lay him down in his DockATot , make sure the room is cool and have lavender oil going in the aromatherapy machine! This has worked like a charm for 3 nights now ! Today I wanted to share with you why I ate my placenta after birth and why I would do it again.

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