How I told my husband I was Pregnant!


How I told my husband I was pregnant?! Wow, I can’t believe it has been almost a year! Keaton has been here for 3 months now and to say that now my life is better than ever – is an understatement.

It was a Wednesday when I found out I was pregnant. Physical symptoms were non-existent and never in my life would I expect a pregnancy test to come back positive. I took it merely just try it and see what it would say (expecting a negative sign of course). I was working at a convention in Anaheim later that afternoon and had a plan to meet up with Brandon on Friday at Stagecoach. I took the test that morning and to my surprise it came back positive! I remember pacing around the house thinking what is going on? I then took another test and that came back positive too!! I decided that I needed a few more tests so I walked about a mile with my dog to our local Walgreens. I have literally no idea why I didn’t drive as it would have been much faster than to walk a mile there and a mile back. I bought 3 other brands and I remember telling the checkout clerk that I had already taken a few,  and he said that I probably didn’t need to buy anymore. I got home and as you probably can already figure out the other tests were positive too. I ended up calling a doctor’s office that I am close with and the nurses fit me in the schedule for an hour later. Once I got to the doctor’s office, they told me to pee on another stick and confirmed that YES I REALLY AM PREGNANT (as if the other 5-6 tests were wrong?)! I honestly still can’t believe it and our beautiful baby boy is already here! 

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