DIY Wooden Activity Gym

This wooden activity gym is soooo easy was inexpensive to make and Keaton loves it! It was fun making this with the hubby and making all of the wooden toys that hang off of it! These wooden toys I made are all natural and handmade and can also be used as teething beads! Credit to the hubby for writing the directions on how to create the wooden activity gym for your little bub!

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Placenta Encapsulation-Why did I eat THAT!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone had a great St Patrick’s day !  We went to bed at 8:30pm and work up around 4:30am. You know what that means? We got 8 glorious hours of sleep for the 3rd time! We have figured out that Keaton likes to have a routine. We play with him, bathe him, give him his last feeding, wrap him in his miracle swaddle,lay him down in his DockATot , make sure the room is cool and have lavender oil going in the aromatherapy machine! This has worked like a charm for 3 nights now ! Today I wanted to share with you why I ate my placenta after birth and why I would do it again.

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Easy Vegan Tacos- My sisters favorite Tacos of all time!

Happy Monday!  It’s almost 90 degrees here in sunny Southern California and we are loving every moment! I made these tacos last week for my family and my sister said these were the best tacos she’s ever had! They were adapted from Ellen Fishers tacos ( I love following her instagram) !

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Meal Prep- A beginners guide to planning a healthier week

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great week! I wanted to share with you how my family and I meal prep every week! Every Sunday, like clockwork we attend our local farmer’s market. For those of you who live close this is at the College of the Canyons here in Santa Clarita. We try and get as much produce from our farmer’s market rather than the store because it saves money, tastes a WHOLE LOT BETTER, and supports our local farmers! Before going to the farmer’s market, we write down all the meals we want to make for that week. For example, this week I am planning on making:

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Plant Based Diet-Why did I choose this lifestyle?


It’s crazy to try and think back to a time when I wasn’t vegan and eating a plant based diet . I don’t even remember the exact point in time that I became vegan, but can tell you the more I learned about a plant based diet, the more I knew I wanted to eat that way. When I moved to Southern California, I started watching documentaries about food, health and a plant based diet. I was vegetarian for probably less than a year before becoming vegan. The closer I got to a plant based diet, the better I felt. First, I gave up meat, then milk and then cheese. Cheese was the hardest to give up because I loved my wine and cheese pairings! Once I gave up cheese, I started to notice a difference right away. I had more energy and didn’t get that afternoon slump as I normally would have. I started to have an increase in energy which led me to have better workouts. I simply started to feel better. I also noticed after a few months that I stopped having headaches and migraines. This alone was enough to keep living this lifestyle. 5’ish years later I can now without a doubt say that eating a plant based diet has changed my life. I have become healthier, more physically fit and had an amazing pregnancy. Some of my most favorite documentaries on a plant based diet are:

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Amazin Daisin Energy Ball Recipe

O my! Building a blog is much harder than I thought! Especially as I am currently feeding 7 week old baby Keaton and can only type with one hand! I wouldn’t change this for the world though. I will explain all the fun details about my life soon and how my first vegan pregnancy and natural delivery went in a later post! For now here is my easy recipe I made last night for a quick on the go snack !

ps. my hubby came up with this name and said it speaks for itself <3

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